Choice Capital Management Trust 

The Trust is an occupational Pension Scheme sponsored by Choice Capital Management Limited and registered with HMRC and the Pensions Regulator. The Trust is run by a Trustee Company - Choice Capital Management Trustees Limited who are responsible for the compliance and secure running of the scheme and your fund. We currently only accept transfer values from other registered Defined Contribution schemes. Our process is to apply for details of your current pension projections and performance and then return to you with the details for you to effect the transfer. We do not offer advice but recommend that you seek this. We cannot offer any return of funds below age 55 unless you are in a serious ill health. 

**Please note our funds have differing levels of risk profiles. However, Choice means that you pick the level of risk you want to take. 
Early Exit Charges - The Cleaner Energy Portfolio which we offer is a long term investment designed for an initial five years or more, the fund will have a market value adjustment applied the amount will be notified at the time of a request being made.  

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Please note Choice Capital charges a 1.5% annual management charge. This is deducted from your fund on a monthly basis and not paid separately by you. To see further charges please look at the investment portfolio fund fact sheets in the resources tab. 
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