Choice Capital Management Trust

The Trust is an occupational Pension Scheme sponsored by Choice Capital Management Limited. registered with HMRC and the Pensions Regulator. The Trust is run by a Trustee Company - Choice Capital Management Trustees Limited who is responsible for the compliant and secure running of the scheme and your fund. We currently only accept transfer values from other registered defined contribution schemes. Our process is to apply for details of your scheme benefits with existing other schemes or plans and then return to you with those details and present forms for you to effect the transfer. We do not offer advice and recommend that you seek this. We cannot offer any return of funds below age 55 unless you are in a serious ill health.

The retirement age of this trust is age 75 but you can apply to draw your benefits at any age between 55 and 75. You will receive an annual benefit statement which will outline the current valuation of your funds with us and provide a projection of what you might receive at retirement. On request you may request a copy of the Trust Deed and Rules, and the Annual Trustee Report and Accounts. In the event of your death there will be a return of fund and we ask that you nominate the person(s) you would like to receive this money. At retirement you will have the same options broadly as your current scheme, being a tax free cash sum of up to 25% of your fund value, and the ability to purchase a pension for yourself, your spouse or dependents and pension increases in accordance with your choice.

All pensions are secured via an annuity and you may use the provider of your choice. Neither Choice Capital Management Limited or Choice Capital Management Trustees Limited can give advice of any kind. We do though strongly advise that you work in conjunction with an advisor. It maybe possible for the advisor fee to be offset against the transfer value we receive. The Choice Capital Management Trust offers members a range of investment strategies that will afford them the exposure to risk they feel is acceptable at each stage of their accumulation of pension fund monies. You may have one free switch of investment funds each year and may invest in as many different funds as you wish. This gives you the control to pick the investment opportunities that you find attractive, but we are adding to our range all of the time so do please check details of what is currently available.

We do recommend that you also seek the advice of a qualified independent financial advisor to help you make these decisions. It is important that you consider your fund in this scheme alongside other pension and personal investments you may have. Our funds have differing levels of risk profiles. However, Choice means that you pick the level of risk you want to take.

Giving you real choice on where to invest your pension